MoPowered is partnered with leading organisations delivering clients with a seamless and secure integration to the mobile channel and payments gateway.

Google – Get Mobile initiative Mobilise Your Site Now

The number of people using the mobile web is growing at an astounding pace. Yet many websites are not built to work on mobile devices, creating frustration for users and hurting businesses. Google are in the process of making their sites more mobile-friendly, and they know that it isn’t always a simple task. That’s why they created Get Mobile - the initiative that aims to help businesses create mobile-friendly websites, improving their business outlook.MoPowered is one of a select group of partners chosen by Google for the Get Mobile initiative. Find out more

Sage Pay Keep Money Moving

Sage Pay Europe Ltd is a leading independent payment service provider (PSP) in the UK and Ireland and is arguably one of the most trusted payment brands. Each year Sage Pay processes billions of secure payments for its 40,000 customers and makes the process of accepting payments online, over the phone, or in person simpler, faster, safer and more profitable for businesses of all sizes. Sage Pay is a subsidiary of FTSE 100 business management software and services company, The Sage Group plc. Go to site

WorldPay Online Payment Gateway for Every Business

WorldPay is a leading global online payments business, processing millions of transactions every day. WorldPay offers the most comprehensive payment portfolio for merchants in all markets, with over 200 payment types globally. WorldPay acts as a trusted partner and advisor to companies in all business sectors, and maximises transaction acceptance through its end-to-end payment services. WorldPay’s payment processing capabilities are safe and secure, and delivered through a single contract that allows for a focus on innovation in other areas of the business.Go to site

PayPal Mobile Express Checkout

Leading payment network PayPal allows businesses or individuals to receive payments and pay securely, conveniently and cost effectively using their e-mail address. The network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution, ideally suited to online merchants and smaller to medium sized businesses.
PayPal’s Mobile Express Checkout provides customers with an innovative mobile payment experience, allowing them to see anywhere and anytime. Mobile Express Checkout streamlines a fast, easy and secure checkout for mobile devices and is easily integrated into mobile websites and apps.
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MasterCard Quick & Easy Payments "On the Go"

MasterCard has collaborated with MoPowered through PayPass Online by MasterCard, part of the PayPass Wallet Services which drives the number of MasterCard merchants able to accept wallet payments on mobile. MasterCard invited MoPowered to integrate onto the scheme which enables multi-channel retailers to capitalise on the rapidly growing mobile commerce market.Go to site

DataCash Multi-Channel Global Payment Processing

DataCash provides multi-channel global payment processing services and advanced fraud prevention and risk management solutions to merchants and banks. As a global partner to some of the world’s most recognisable brands in the gaming, travel, retail and finance sectors, DataCash combines smart thinking and an end-to-end solution to help its customers transcend the complexities and expense associated with payment processing. Go to site

AcceptCards Reducing Costs for Processing Payments

AcceptCards are the UK’s only truly independent organisation providing specialist advice and reducing the cost of accepting card payments for businesses nationwide. Uniquely, they are not tied to one single provider and through their partnerships with the UK's Acquiring Banks and Payment Providers they are able to source and arrange solutions specifically tailored to your individual needs. Whether you are already taking card payments or looking to do so for the first time, the acceptcards service will ensure you obtain the most suitable, cost effective solution for your businesses card processing requirements.
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PayPoint Easy-to-Integrate Gateway to Online Trading

PayPoint delivers payments from millions of consumers each day, securely managing £14billlon per annum for retailers, leading utilities, consumer and financial organisations. PayPoint’s online payments services offer easy-to-integrate, secure and reliable online payment solutions for both SMEs and larger brands and retailers. Go to site

Secure Trading More than a Payment Processor

Secure Trading processes billions of transaction each year across an impressive portfolio of retail, telecommunications, gaming, education and social companies. It offers some of the most reliable and fully compliant payment gateway technology, in addition to a range of acquirers to help open new markets through its “merchant account service”. Continually expanding its range of services and solutions, Secure Trading enables clients to conduct business more efficiently, claiming to be “more than just a payment processor” Go to site

Web-Merchant Platinum partners to UK and international partners

Web-Merchant is a UK-based company with sales and administrative headquarters in East Yorkshire and processing offices in Cambridge and Amsterdam. The company is a platinum accredited partner to several major UK, European and Worldwide banks, meaning that Web Merchant Services is ideally positioned to process online payments and MOTO (mail order, telephone order) payments for many different industry sectors throughout the world.
Web-Merchant is affiliated to a number of British and International banks and organisations including Natwest, the French banking group Banque Paribas, Barclaycard, Streamline and Cashflows amongst others.
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Velti Shaping the Future of Mobile Engagement

Velti delivers technology and services that enable companies to engage with and reach their consumers through innovative mobile marketing and advertising efforts. Recognised as a leading global marketing platform, Velti connects brands with consumers around the world, working with over 800 brands and agencies across the globe to deliver industry-leading mobile marketing solutions to consumers.Go to site

Realex Payments A Comprehensive Suite of Payment Services

Realex Payments is a leading multi-channel payment processor, allowing businesses to transact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With offices in London, Dublin and most recently Paris, it provides a broad range of payment services to small and large businesses, as well as financial institutions. Realex works with MoPowered to meet the mobile commerce requirements of its large portfolio of customers Go to site

Secure Hosting and Payments Payments Made Easy

Secure Hosting and Payments has been a major player in the Payment Service Provider field since 1998. Typically serving small and medium sized businesses, Secure Hosting and Payments helps companies capture, process and deliver accurate customer payment data. It serves thousands of merchants with a rich user interface and well-rounded technology, which connects to the banks via the universal payment gateway. Secure Hosting is now regarded as one of the UK’s largest independently owned credit card processing businesses. It is recognised for developing new, innovative functionality and delivering sophisticated payment platforms. Go to site

Ogone A Wide Portfolio of Payment Solutions

Ogone is a leading European payment service provider, working with thousands of customers across 45 countries. The company delivers manual to fully integrated payment solutions for managing electronic payments in several domains including e-commerce, ticketing, call centres, airlines and travel, within both business to consumer and business-to-business environments. Go to site

SLI Systems Search & Merchandising Made Easy

SLI Systems develops learning-based search and navigation technology for publishers, ecommerce and corporate sites, providing a service that “Searches, Learns and Improves the User Experience”. SLI Systems’ hosted site search and user-generated SEO solutions empower businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and help site visitors find the products and information they seek as quickly and efficiently as possible. Go to site

NTT Communications Global ICT Partner

NTT Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, offering a wide range of customised enterprise solutions with expertise in private networks, global Tier 1 Internet backbone and related ICT solutions to enterprises worldwide. Go to site

Amplience Engaging Commerce Experiences

Amplience is a SaaS based commerce content management platform. Offering a blend of cost efficiency, flexibility and merchandising power, it is optimised to deliver sophisticated commerce content across the spectrum of digital platforms. The Amplience platform provides a full suite of intuitive content management tools and is the first to support both Flash and HTML5 formats.Go to site

Mobileweb Connecting Brands with Mobile Consumers

Mobileweb Company is a leading global provider of strategic mobile marketing and optimisation solutions, including the advanced m.Discovery platform. The company has delivered leading edge mobile services for a number of major brands. Implemented in a matter of days, their solutions enable a brand to drive value from mobile in a totally managed way. Founded in 2010, Mobileweb Company is a rapidly expanding, independent company with a best-in-class technology recognised by leading industry analysts.Go to site

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