All the tools you need to build a mobile strategy and boost your online revenue by over 20%

Create a mobile optimised website

Conversion rates are normally very low when consumers visit conventional websites via their mobile phones. Yet with a mobile-optimised website these visitors convert at an equivalent rate.

As nearly 20% of total web traffic now originates from mobile devices, not having a mobile optimised website means that you could be losing a lot of money.

With MoPowered you can have a mobile-optimised website up and running in less than one month.

Not having a mobile optimised site is like closing your shop for one day a week


Launch apps for smartphones

Having your own branded app is a great way of staying top of your customer’s mind. A customer that has downloaded your app is likely to become a loyal and frequent purchaser.

MoPowered allows you to launch your own mobile commerce app on all the major smartphone and tablet types such as iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Your app will work alongside your mobile website, increasing online sales and securing returning customers.

Mobile applications have the potential to transform customer experience on a ubiquitous scale


Use mobile social networks to reach out to new customers

Social networks are a great means of attracting new customers to your business. As more people more frequently access Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on their mobile phones, it is important to get them talking about your company with their friends via this medium.

Businesses that use MoPowered can use a range of off-the-shelf capabilities to fully exploit the reach of the social networks to win new customers.

By 2015, companies will generate 50 percent of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications


Mobile marketing can help grow your business

A wide range of new marketing techniques are available to help convey your business message to customers via their mobile devices.

MoPowered is designed to be compatible with a variety of different mobile marketing techniques including:

  • Natural and paid-for mobile search marketing
  • Mobile ads: in-site and in-app
  • QR codes, image recognition & NFC smart-posters
  • Targeted push messaging

Our team can help you better plan your mobile marketing strategy.

Stay up to date with your mobile commerce performance

MoPowered allows merchants that are trading on mobile to remain fully informed on the performance of the business within this channel.

All MoPowered clients are able to use Google Analytics to track the traffic patterns going through their mobile site or apps. Additionally we provide regular reporting on the transaction performance of the mobile channel and frequently provide suggestions on the ways that you might be able to grow your mobile business.

By working with MoPowered we are seeing the benefits and enhancing the growth of our business